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UK Pet Transport

Scheduled monthly delivery.

We personally deliver your dog, cat or kitten within the UK and EU.

COVID-19 Impact

We are licensed to deliver pets under the COVID-19 lock down restrictions.

We can transport your pet to or from your Vet for emergency appointments during the lockdown, or if you are in self isolation.

We follow the CFSG guidelines for safe delivery and handover of all animals in our care. Full details are at the CFSG Coronavirus page but the relevant details for handover are:

Handover should take place in a room or space large enough for the breeder/transporter and purchaser to maintain their social distance. Gloves should be worn during the handover, removed before returning to the vehicle and disposed of afterwards. The puppy or kitten should be wiped over with a pet safe damp disposable cloth prior to handover and no equipment such as a basket should be given by the breeder to the purchaser. Doors and gates should only be opened and closed by householder. Time in the property should be kept to the absolute minimum.